Grand Northern 2014 – Boston

Friday 23rd May/ Saturday 24th May

Well the first few days of my very first contiki was quite interesting!

I remember thinking, if this is what the next four weeks has to bring, then this is going to be one hell of an adventureย ๐Ÿ™‚

We left New York City bright and early on our contiki bus, all 50 of us crammed in, one traveler already asleep on the ground after a big night of partying as we left the city limits of the Big Apple.

Our first stop for lunch and to stretch our legs was New Haven, Connecticut. While we were there, a few of us wondered around the Yale University campus only to discover that it wasn’t open for tours due to a graduation ceremony.

As we made our way around the outside walls, we discovered a an open back door that we snuck in through to get some quick pictures.

yale dog

When we went to leave out the door that we came in, it had since closed! We had locked ourselves inside Yale University with no way of getting back out. Fortunately, a student was walking by and saw a group of very lost looking ladies panicking about being locked in. He took some fun pictures with us before letting us back out of the campus with his student card. We then had quiteย a funny story to tell on the bus on the way to Boston.

That evening, we arrived into Boston where we hadย a city tour on the bus and dinner at Dick’s Last Resort. An entertaining evening full of sarcastic waiters and dirty named shots.. (I am sure you can use your imagination for that one)

The evening ended with a few more drinks at a small bar called the 6B Lounge. It was a cute quiet corner bar and restaurant that turned into the local hot spot on a Friday night!

The following day, we were all a little seedy from the previous nights shenanigans full of shots and making new friends. Nothing gets a good conversation going like a drink and a dance.

We had an organized tour at Harvard University.

harvard 1

There were no Elle Woods moments, but a very interesting story about the history of the campus. Our tour guide was a student who was studying law and had been at school for four years, and still had another three to go!

She loved doing the tours and had such passion for Harvard. She made it fun and entertaining.

Harvard has an extensive history with the university being founded in the 1630’s, all without buildings, with out teachers and without students!

We stopped at the ‘Statue of John Harvard’, otherwise known as ‘The Statue of 3 Lies’.

harvard 3

The three lies being-

  1. John Harvard is the founder of Harvard University. ย LIE!

    The statue claims that John Harvard is the founder of the school, when actually he donated half of his estate and a lot of money to the university when he died 2 years after it was originally founded by a vote by the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony


  2. Harvard University was founded in 1638. LIE AGAIN

    It was actually founded in 636, which makes it the oldest institution of higher education in the United States.

  3. The statue is of John Harvard. HAHA Third LIE

    No one actually knows what the real John Harvard looked like and there is no records of what he may have looked like. A one Sherman Hoar sat for the statue, who later ย went on to became a member of Congress and US District Attorney.



That afternoon, we headed back into central Boston where we caught the street car around to see some more local sights ๐Ÿ™‚


boston 4

boston 3

boston 2


That night ended in a ‘room gathering’ of drinks and snacks before having an early night.

During our visit in Boston we stayed at the Ramada Hotel.

To check out the next place we visited, hope on over to the next post ๐Ÿ™‚

Contiki Grand Northern 2014


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