Grand Northern 2014 – Quebec City & Montreal

Sunday 25th May/ Monday 26th May/ Tuesday 27th May/ Wednesday 28th May

As we ended our time in Boston, us rowdy contikians once again managed to crawl back onto the bus to head into Canada eh!

We spent quite a few hours of the morning on the bus and having introductions and making our first stop at a Walmart to stock up on some goodies for the bus πŸ™‚

Our first stop was Quebec City! We had a city tour on the bus where we had a chance to see ‘Old Quebec’, a beautiful historic part of the city with cobblestone lanes and little FrenchΒ boutiques.


quebec park

Our first night in Canada was spent in Quebec City where we dined at Cosmo’s CafΓ© in the heart of the city before hitting the town once more.

We partied at the night club, Dagobert. At first when we arrived, the place was a little empty so we started off with an all round contiki shot. By 10.30pm, the place really started to fill up with locals and it was a night full of vodka and dancing!

The next day was a free day which I spent exploring the shops and amazing old buildings in the area. I hadn’t really made any friends yet on contiki and I was happy doing my own thing on free days.

I managed to squeeze in a load of washing back at the hotel that afternoon and I played cards and had a few (more than likely too many) drinks with a few of my new friends before we went out for an included buffet dinner.

The following day, Tuesday May 27th, we said fairwell to our Quebec City hotel, the Hotel Le Voyageur and journeyed over to Montreal.

Sightseeing of the city was first on the list.

We drove up to the lookout at Mt Royal to get some shots of the city.



Unfortunately, the day was cold and over cast. After the stop at the lookout, we had a Jet Boating tour booked on the St Lawrence river as a contiki optional ( I can’t remember the price I paid for this, but worth every cent!) I am sure that most of us were quite nervous and hesitant, given the gloomy weather conditions.

But we pushed and on arrival of Saute Jet-Boating , we were changed into layers and layers of jumpers and waterproof overalls as well as water shoes and a life jacket. They were well equiped for the fact that we were about to be soaked going through the rapids!

We were out in the rapids for close to an hour and it was the most fun I’d had in quite a long time! It really was an adrenaline rush and I would highly recommend these guys any day for something cool to do in Montreal!

That night our accomodation was in the Sandman Hotel, Montreal.

It was close to downtown which was great, because of course, we dressed up to the nines and headed out on the town again after a contiki included dinner.

The contiki tour manager had recommended a local bar named Winston Churchill Bar.

The local hockey team was playing in some pre season finals on the TV’s around the sports bar and of course after their win, all of the locals decided to make it quite a party!

There were celebrations all round (and of course all of us contikians were always up for a party).

There were $2.50 jeigerbomb shot specials and with all of the partying, it was much easier to buy a round each time and do a group shot! Haha oh dear contiki, what are you doing to me?

With far too many shots in our bellies, we left as a group and safely back to our hotel with a stop of takeaway pizza along the way πŸ™‚

The next day was extremely uneventful as most of us nursed our sore heads and headed to the underground shopping centres to grab some souvenirs and appropriate hangover food.

Next stop, Toronto and Niagara Falls!

#noregrets Contiki Grand Northern 2014

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