107 Sleeps to go- The Blogger

Hi Everyone! So I’ve decided to start a blog! 🙂 It is to combine my passion for writing as well as my new venture of travelling and taking photos along the way to remember a great life and to share with my family and friends as well. My aim is to begin the blog where my incomplete book ends..

So a lot has actually happened since I started the edit on the first blog, just haven’t had a chance to actually post anything!

The fun stuff that’s happened over the last couple months have been exciting! I bought myself a GoPro! How cool! Still trying to figure out how to use it though. And a couple of weekends ago, Dad and I went out to Millamolong to watch the Polo, their charity being Camp Quality so we were there with the Tractor Trek crew and their  tractors!

My plan is to post on a regular basis not just while I am travelling, but also the months leading up to the day of take off.

Obviously, being busy some days, I cant promise that a post will always come up, but I will do my best 🙂

Catch ya’s in a couple days x

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