104 sleeps to go- Monday


So over the weekend, as most of you should know, Australia celebrated the centenary of Anzac Day.

I didn’t make it to a dawn service, although I would have loved to. I did watch the dawn service live from Gallipoli on TV though.

This also means the annual Soldier’s Saddle Races here in Bathurst…

What a big day it was!

Started drinks at home before lunch, had a feed then headed off to the races with my sister Cara (see above in the shocking photo) haha, her husband Nathan and a few others.

Funnily enough, I didn’t even manage to see one horse race and the day went extremely quickly.

Thankfully Bathurst was graced with warmish weather and the rain held out until later in the evening.

After the races, we headed to Paddy’s Hotel to lose some money on 2 Up and some more food.

But by about 7pm, I called it quits and went home, everyone else apparently wasn’t far behind.

Anyway, probably not the best post I could write, but wanted to quickly jot something in before I forget and the week gets away from me!

Lest we forget x

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