100 sleeps to go- Happiness is a journey, not a destination


I know that it is exciting for me counting down to the biggest adventure of my life, but I believe it is important to remember that means there is a countdown for the days left to enjoy the most of my time here at home in Australia with my friends and family before I leave.

100 days to catch up with my friends from school, 100 days to continue learning new skills at work, 100 days to spend time with my family, 100 days left to treasure the proud fact that I am Australian living in an amazing and fortunate country.

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination”, is a quote used by many authors, written in several different ways, but still at the end of the day having the same meaning.

I like to put it this way- “On the road to happiness and success, there is no destination, but a great view to enjoy the journey”

For a while I was focusing so much energy into planning and saving for the trip overseas, and forgetting to enjoy my time as it is now. Enjoying the current moments.

Yes it is great to have goals and ambitions, and to be able to reach them, but if you focus on one thing, you forget that life passes you by as it is happening..

Just food for thought..

Til next time x

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