99 Sleeps to go- Double Digits



Down to double digits now 🙂

Pretty exciting.

As the days creep up closer and closer, it becomes that little bit more real.

For the last 9 months since I booked the contiki, it really hasn’t felt like I am going. I even went to a tarot reader who told me I was going overseas and I was still doubting myself!

Then recently when I decided to add the working holiday on, it’s just been a process applying. Which I understand all good things take time.

Like yeah, its just one of them things that I am spending all of my money on. Every Thursday, my pay comes in, and most goes straight back out again, its what being an adult is about right!

The piece’s of paper with my name on it, well at the moment, it is all just that, pieces of paper.

I guess it won’t be real until i board the plane..

Til next time 🙂 x

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