98 Sleeps to go- Day to day


Today I had an extremely relaxing Sunday. A much needed one mind you after a very busy Saturday with work and volunteering for Camp Quality.

So this morning I stayed in bed after I woke up and slowly began to get myself up and ready for a day.

I had organised to catch up with a friend, Lisa and have a pedicure today as well as a chat.

It felt good knowing that even though it was for only a brief time, to spend quality time with a friend in amongst the craziness of everyday life.

After the catch up, Mum and I did our groceries before I headed to Bra’s N Things to catch up with another friend!

I met up with Chon after she finished work and we headed off to Orange to watch our friend Kristy play soccer.

Off we go on the little road trip to Orange having a catch up chat until we get to the soccer field and watch the game with Kristy’s Mum.

After a successful nearly 2 hours, Kristy’s team won the game!

We waited for her to come out of the dressing room them headed to K-Mart to grab some bargains. After all we were in Orange and decided to make the most of it 🙂

We shopped til we nearly dropped and I stocked up on much needed travel items, like a travel diary which I am absolutely in love with!

Once we had a retail fix it was time for some all you can eat pizza hut!!

Yep, only in Orange so we thought it was quite necessary 🙂

We over indulged in pizza and pasta and salads and dessert til we nearly went into a food coma!

And it was busy so all the pizza’s coming out were constantly fresh = WINNING!

Overall, my relaxing Sunday felt so worth it, like I didnt waste the day at all.

I spent quality time with some really great friends and those friends who I will dearly miss when I leave.

I need to make sure to make those sort of days a habit from now on.

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