90 sleeps to go- Selling my life 

Have you ever felt that sometimes, you just have so much stuff.

Like STUFF, just things in general, useless crap that you own. Clothes that you never wear, ornaments that collect dust, paperwork from forever ago, boxes of literally useless stuff.

I am not a hoarder, in fact, I am the opposite of a hoarder, I love throwing out or selling useless stuff.

I hate keeping things that I don’t need or I’ll never use.

So when moved back home, was when I realized how much stuff I had that I couldn’t take overseas with me.

Then, one by one, I was putting things on but swap and sell pages to get rid of anything I didn’t need. Clothes, shoes, belts, purses, makeup cases, books and well anything else I could find.

Firstly, like I said, I didn’t need some of this stuff overseas, and secondly, I discovered that I could really make some savings and spending money out of this!

But sale after sale, and Vinnies bag after Vinnies bag, I began to feel like I was selling parts of my life, my world.

Things that had memories attached to it.

Then I sold my car.

What a bittersweet moment!

On one hand I was so sad to see it go, the very first brand new car that I bought 4 years ago. The first thing I owned that I could be so proud to say I had worked so hard for and to pay off.

On the other hand, I was debt free and the sale was instantly cash in hand. 

It was the that I realized that not only 4 years ago did I invent in a car, but I invested in my future, and the money from the sale of my car will help me travel and see the world.

And the memories, they’ll always be there, I’ll always have them with me.

Material objects can sometimes have meaning, especially something so sentimental, but after all is said and done, items are just items, and the money used to buy them is just money, but the memories.. 

That is what is so priceless 


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