87 sleeps to go- Saving cents makes sence

For the last 11 months, I have been saving frantically for this trip.

This is also while I’m paying off my computer, my car loan, my phone, rent and other general expenses that seem to creep up when you’re an adult -_- haha

While the above are either bills with a due date or direct debits each week, I also saw my trip as a bill that needed to be paid each week.

Whether it was my contikis, flights, travel insurance, a new GoPro, a long term supply of contact lenses, my working Visa or spending money, at the end of the day, if I didn’t save for it properly like any other bill, well I could be in a lot of trouble when the time came.

I first booked the New York Uncovered and Grand Southern with contiki with a minimum deposit and started saving my bum off from there.

Then I made up my budget. I had my loans to pay off, set my regular weekly payments for my phone and began putting away a minimum amount that I know I needed to save.

Anything that I happened to have left over, well that was a bonus.

All of a sudden, I was earning a little bit of interest on my savings, and that extra $10 i put away last week put me that little but closer towards my end goal.

Without sounding like a tight-a$$, (which I kind of had to be though) I would literally not spend a dollar over what I needed to at the grocery store.

Whether it is $2 or $10, I was putting away as much as I possibly could. .

My minimum saving amount soon became a bit more.

I adjusted my budget to a new minimum amount and the bottom dollar is looking a lot nicer 🙂

My plan was always to have backup money here in Australia, in case of ever an emergency.

But when I sold my car, it was for quite a bit less than I had originally planned.

It didn’t keep me down for long though, because those extra $2 or $10 a week, had added up to see me through.

It’s not about the big amounts that you put away and save, but the small dollars and cents that add up in the end.

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