85 sleeps to go- Milano Mel

A bit over 2 years ago, I began working casually at a local wood fired pizza shop call The Pig & The Olive.

I was looking for a second casual job while I was working at Price Attack and studying beauty therapy in Orange.

Every Thursday night on the way home from work, I would drop into The Pig & The Olive for a pizza for dinner.

Every Thursday, was the same pizza, The Milano.

Soon I became known as Milano Mel. 

After a few weeks, I enquired about work there, and within a couple of weeks, I was working there 4 nights a week!

This is where I met my best friend, one of the greatest friends I’ve ever met in my life.

Every week, after work on a Wednesday night, we would go home, pre drink, dress up for uni nights theme night and hit the town.

(Neither of us actually went to uni but that didn’t matter, we always fitted in perfectly) 

Milano Mel and Kezbot would hit the town in style!

An amazing friendship grew as did the work relationship at The Pig & The Olive.

I was soon saving for my very first contiki and my best friend was training up to go to the navy. 

Not long after, I was offered my full time position at Clancy’s and left The Pig & The Olive.

I missed Kez very much but knew that we would still hang out and party when ever we could!

Now, 2 years later, I am back working with the team as well as my day time job.

I’m back being Milano Mel with an amazing team and people who are my second family.

I will miss you all very much when I head overseas!

But I know for sure, that somewhere along the line, no matter where in the world I am, we will meet up again!

Thank you very much for everything you have all done.

This one is for my Kezbot, Tez and Rose.

You guys are amazing πŸ™‚   


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