67 sleeps to go- Job Interview 

A couple of months ago, a job came up when I was having a browse for a Spa Reception Experience Coordinator at the Fairmont Resort in Banff.

The job was right up my alley.

Doing accounts, reception work, booking in clients and guests and the best part, working in a day spa!

So I applied but notified them I wasn’t arriving until mid September.

I heard back a few days later, being thanked for my application.

My resume looked suitable and qualifications were spot on, but the position needed to be filled urgently.

I wasn’t disappointed or surprised. It was the dream job and I knew if I didn’t apply I would regret it, and the worse they could do was say no, which like I said they did.

But I was told my resume and qualifications would be kept on file if anything else were to come up in Banff.

Fast forward to about a week ago, I was having another browse about and saw the same job at the Fairmont in Lake Louise.

Chance coincidence that Lake Louise is on the short list, and this is the job of a lifetime!

So I put my application through, again stating my arrival date.

And again, the worst they could do was say no..

That is until I received an email very early yesterday morning asking when I would be available for a phone interview!

I squealed with excitement, OMG.

After an exchange of a few emails and figuring out the time difference, a interview has been set and I guess now what will be will be.

I’m not getting my hopes up in case it doesn’t work out, but it’s another step further in the right direction.

If it does work out however, this could potentially be my travel job and home no 1 of Mel’s Grand Adventure as of mid September…



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