60 sleeps to go- Never felt better


So the closer the trip is now getting, the more excited I continue to become.

It’s finally so close, so close I could nearly touch it!

So close I can feel the warm Miami sun in my skin and see the bright blingy neon lights of Las Vegas!

My eat, work, sleep, repeat life has gradually become more and more social again.

I’m seeing my friends more often and doing more.

Ok maybe not a whole lot more, but going to give myself a pedicure or a haircut, cutting myself some slack on my fradantic saving.

It felt good to finally have a drink after so long with a good friend on the weekend.

For the next 2 months, as well as trying to keep as fit and healthy as possible, I am also going to begin training my contiki liver again, because let’s be honest, contiki isn’t about having tea parties and early nights. 

I am excited for not only contiki and the travelling, but what the next 2 months will bring in the lead up to my farewell.

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