47 days to go- Job Interview Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a job interview that I had coming up.

So it went well I think.

It was like any other job interview, except it was over the phone.

The woman interviewing me was lovely, it’s funny how some people have a warmth about them over the phone, I could just tell.

She talked to me about the job, and Lake Louise and the pay. She told me that there is staff houssing available and that there are always opportunities for advancement within the company.

It sounded perfect, and incredible.

After over half an hour of talking, which went by very quickly by the way, I thanked her for the interview and she said she would get back to me soon.

So a week went by and I hadn’t received any response.

Last night, I sent an email just to touch base for the fact that I hadn’t heard anything.

She informed me that she sent an email during the week to me, but I hadn’t received it, but asking for a couple of employee references.

Today I asked my bosses for references and emailed them back.

So basically I still don’t know if I’ve got the dream job yet or not, but still keeping fingers crossed.

After all, they know I don’t arrive until September and they are still talking to me about the application. They haven’t said no.


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