46 days to go- “To Travel Is To Live”, Hans Christian Anderson

I haven’t even boarded the plane yet for contiki no 2, in fact there is still 46 days to go before I even leave let alone start work in Canada and I’ve already started looking at other trips.

I know desperately where I want to go and what I want to see.

At the end of the day, its coming down to money and how much I’m willing to spend to go to the next place.

After working in Canada, Central America and Peru is next on the list.

Having traveled with contiki last year as well as having it booked this year, it was an obvious choice to start looking at the trips in Central and South America that contiki has to offer.

Trips like “Mexico Grande”

And “Caribbean Encounter”

Looks all right up my alley.

And of course “Peru Uncovered” 🙂


As great as all of these contiki trips look, there is still again one major thing to consider and remember..

The money!

And like anything else we buy during our lives, we try and find the best and cheapest deal where and when we can. It’s human nature.

Why should travelling be any different? Just because I have previously traveled with contiki and will get a previous travellers discount, I still have to keep my options open and when the time comes to book the next trip, find the best deal!

There are plenty of other companies like contiki that offer the party and travel atmosphere go to all the same places and understand that travellers can be on a budget, so they bundle hostel accomodation with city tours and tacky buffet dinners.

G Adventures, Topdeck, STAtravel, Tucan Travels, Gecko Adventures, Trek America and even Tours Gone Wild!

Yes that is a real travel tour company by the way!

Anyway, so I did some research and some price comparisons with some other companies.

Gecko Adventures had a very similar tour to the “Peru Uncovered” by Contiki, but called “River Deep, Mountain High, Jungle Very Jungly”

In comparison to contiki’s tour which starts at $3645 AUD for 14 days, and if the Inca Trail is chosen, it’s another $324 AUD and Gecko’s Tour starts at $2873 AUD for 15 days.

That’s just over a thousand dollars difference, that thousand dollars could be used for the plane trip, or spending money.

There are a couple of extra dinner meals with the Contiki tour and couple of extra towns and a jungle lodge, which admittedly looks pretty cool, other than that, there is not much else difference.

For things not so materialistic that the thousand dollars could pay for would be things like, the quality and cleanliness of your coach or transport, the experience and customer service of your tour guide, the difference between bed bugs and bubble baths and the reputation of each company.

The one thing that can never be guaranteed no matter which company you travel with, is your fellow travelers. That one is just a gamble!

There are still other travel companies that I’ll continue research into when the time comes for Central and South America.

The point is that not only in travelling, but in life, it can pay to shop around.

My next trip and destination is all I ever find myself thinking about.

Because for me, to travel is to live 💜


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