45 days to go- When you have to start saying your farewells

Today I came into work like any other normal work day, expecting nothing out of the ordinary thinking it would just be another day.

About 9 months ago a new staff member started here at work of whom I began to become good friends with.

At first I thought he was a bit of a tosser, but has I got to know him, he grew on me.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and everyone has their own personal stories to share about themselves.

As our friendship grew, me seeing him as a kind hearted person, sometimes a little rough around the edges, I was glad that I was able to keep a friendship with a boy without it becoming more.

We would laugh at the gossip and rumours that would go around at work, because really, a boy and a girl can’t possibly just be friends right, according to everyone else!

I would often bring in a coffee for him in the morning when I knew he had had a rough night and he had brought me chocolate when I had a bad day.

I was always appreciative when he was there to listen and I was always there to be the ear that he needed.

I won’t go into what happened over the last couple of days, it’s not my place to tell, and I don’t know the real story anyway.

But something was up when I walked into work this morning to find out that he had left on the spot.

My heart was broken, a friend that I had to say my farewells to much sooner than I had expected.

A friend that was only moving an hour away and I am going a whole ocean away in 6 weeks.

It hit me how much I will miss seeing be this particular friend on a daily basis at work.

And how much I will miss other friends, whether I see them on a regular basis or not.

It’s like the old saying though, “If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing”

This adventure of mine will certainly be worth it, but it has not come without sacrifice.

Til next time mate!


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