33 sleeps to go- Social Insurance Number Canada

Just like any other country, Canada has a government department that is used to identify each individual that is working in their county.

Here in Australia, it is know as a tax file number.

This is used to ensure that each worker is paying the correct amount of tax whether you are an Australian citizen or an international traveller working in Australia.

It also gives Australian residents access to numerous government benefits.

In Canada, a social insurance number has the same purpose.

Because I will be classified as a temporary resident, working a working holiday VISA, it is essential that I have a social insurance number.

All this working overseas business is becoming a little bit complicated, but all the finer details and boxes must be ticked and finished for basically my own safety and legalities.

I’m not going somewhere overseas to do things half arse.

So today, I completed my application for my SIN, sent away my paperwork to Canada (to a town called Bathurst by the way of all places!)

It’s easy enough to download from the Canadian government website, and the paperwork is minimal.


Of course a form of ID is also required, my working permit was sufficient ID, because when I applied for it, which was also through the Canadian government website, endless amounts of identification was required for it.

So basically, they’ve made it all pretty user friendly πŸ™‚

Now just to wait for the application to come back and to get myself a Social Insurance Number!


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