32 sleeps to go- Getting sick :( 

So this morning, I had to go to the local emergency department!

I had been feeling tired and run down for a few days now, but I thought that that is all it literally was.

Yesterday afternoon at work, my eyes were feeling tired and heavy, and a little bit uncomfortable to be honest.

Then last night when I got home, I couldn’t wait to get my contact lenses out, as my right eye began becoming more and more irritated.

Then this morning, I wake up and my eye is sure, red, itchy and watering!!

I knew I had to see someone straight away 😦

I had to ring up work to let them know I couldn’t come in and I went straight up to the ED.

Originally, the doctor just put it down to a scratch on my cornea, gave me some eye drops and sent me on my way.

Less than half an hour later, I got a phone call asking me to come back.

Due to my contact lenses use (for sight by the way, not cosmetic purposes), the doctor had got in contact with the eye specialist centre in Sydney, and wanted me to go on stronger eye drops immediately, incase of infection.

So I went back up to the hospital, picked up my script and was told I needed 3 days off work and a specialist appointment here in town to confirm a diagnosis.

What a damn inconvenience! 

Haha I hate getting sick, it really bothers me because there is really nothing else I can do about it but take my eye drops, go to my doctors appointment and wait to get better.

On the upside, I think I was due for a few days off considering I had been working up to 55 hours a week for over a month, my body told me to slow down for a few days! 

Looking forward to getting better and having a well needed rest 🙂


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