30 sleeps to go- Party Supplies!

Like any other big exciting occasion, a party of course is in store!

I’m not having a theme for my party, and it’s just nibblies and drinks in a function room at a pub in town.

There is an idea that I have though that I did want to incorporate into the party!

A photo booth!

On the downside, I’m not paying an arm and a leg for a hire one :/

So I came up with a plan!

At my 21st a few years ago, I bought disposable cameras and put them out on the tables at the party.

A couple of days after the party, I took the cameras into Big W and had the photos developed onto a CD and uploaded them to Facebook for everyone to see.

There were some really interesting and funny photos taken on the night.

I love the fact that with disposable cameras, you can’t just go back and delete a photo if you don’t like it, like you can on camera phones and dogit cameras.

So my plan for my ‘pop up photo booth’ is to buy disposable cameras again, set up an area in the function room of the pub and have accessories to use for funny photos!

I will get someone to get the photos developed after the party, because my farewell party, is the day before I leave.

Mum can upload them to Facebook and funny photos can be shared all round πŸ™‚


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