28 sleeps to go- Snow Day Sunday 

For about a week now, there has been snow precicted in town as well as every where around the central west.

This afternoon, a couple of friends and myself decided to go snow hunting!

We drove about 20 minutes out of Bathurst when we came along to peices of snow along the side of the road and eventually to Sunny Corner State Forest.

We pulled over to have a play in the snow, take some photos, catch a selfie with a snowman and even a little bit of slip and sliding in the snow 🙂

Along the way i did a little bit of filming and took some photos to make a majisto film of the day.

Ah what a beautiful sight snow is 🙂

It was lovely to be able to hang out with some friends and a relaxing but fun Sunday.

I guess with a snow day, I’m preparing myself for the cold and snow of the Canadian Rockies!


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