14 sleeps to go- Sunday Session 

Last night I worked my very last shift at The Pig & Olive.

It was a nice and busy night, and a great way to finish off my time working there over the years.

This afternoon, my boss took myself and another one of the workers out for lunch and then we continued our afternoon at the wine bar with some cocktails.

Webb & Co Bathurst, do some really amazing cocktails!

It was a lovely afternoon relaxing and having a few laughs with these great people.

I give so much credit to this amazing family for how much they have helped me.

I have learnt so much about myself whilst working at The Pig and Olive and how much I want to gain out of life.

I am motivated and encouraged to to reach everything in my sights in my life and to do it well.

Have you ever felt like you were born to do something extraordinary?

I have, and it is because of the drive that I have from working with extraordinary people.

Thank you for believing in me and reminding me that I can reach the skies!


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