Day 2- The Big Apple 

This morning officially began the 29 day long contiki starting in New York!!

The group was taken on a city tour by bus where we stopped at places like The Rockerfeller Centre and Grand Central Terminal.

“Atlas holding up the world” out the front of The Rockerfeller Centre.

We stopped at Grand Central Terminal for lunch and to explore the building and take a few snaps.

I was blown away by the grand magnitude of the architecture and sky scraping structures in this amazing city.

The American Stock Exchange on Wall St.

I quite enjoyed hearing some of the history of the city as we made our way through on the bus, going past Central Park, past the Plaza Hotel.

We finished the guided bus tour mid afternoon where we were dropped off at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in Downtown New York.

I went along to the memorial to pay my respects, but didn’t stay as I’ve already been last year before I started my Grand Northern Tour.

I did a little bit of shopping and stocked up on some essentials (being a bottle of vodka for pre drinking whilst on tour) 🙂

Then headed back to the hotel for a quick nap. I don’t think I’d fully shaken the jet lag yet.

Dinner was included tonight at a little place called Tonic in Times Square.

After dinner the group headed to a bar called The Mean Fiddler.

From the inside you could swear you were in some little bar in an American country town.

A few beverages were had there before calling it a night for another big day ahead tomorrow!


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