Day 4 Thursday 13th August- Sex and the city

Today, myself and a few other girls went on the Sex and the city tour around New York.

We stopped at so many movie I iconic places from the TV show.

We started at The Plaza hotel, a hotel featured in the movie, Home Alone 2.

The tour ended at the Sex and the City store which wasn’t far from the hotel, so I walked back with a couple of the girls that were starting the grand southern.

I chilled out for a little bit during the afternoon then at 6 we had to have the end of tour meeting for the New York Uncovered with our tour manager and give feedback.

Then at 7, the pre contiki meeting for the Grand Southern was held where we had to check that our insurance details and passport on the paperwork for contiki is correct.

After that, a group of us headed to the Empire State Building to see it from the top at night and get some good shots!

From there, the 10 of us jumped into a limo and headed down to the meat packing district for some dinner and finally heading to Hogs and Heiffers to check out the original Coyote Ugly bar.

Such a good night!


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