Day 5 Friday 14th August- Bye Bye New York!

Today was the first day of the Grand Southern Contiki.

We left New York bright and early with 49 other excited fellow contikians and headed towards Washington DC.

On the way we stopped into Phillydelphia, Pensilvania for a lunch stop and to run up the ‘Rocky’ steps!

Check out my guns! Haha

After lunch, we were on our final leg of the bus day and heading towards Washington DC.

We arrived mid afternoon and in serious need of a power nap.

After settling into The Days Inn Washington and having a quick bite to eat for dinner, myself and two other girls on contiki metro’d it into Nationals Park to see Zac Brown Band playing 🙂

My metro experience wasn’t too bad, it’s not too tricky when you just look at it like a jigsaw, so we had it figured out pretty quickly.

At about 7pm, we arrived at the stadium ready for a big night.

Oh my god, Zac Brown Band live was amazing!!

Not that they aren’t any other time, but they put on an incredible live show.

After the concert, we made our way back to the hotel not far off midnight.

I’d had a few drinks at the concert and will still pretty pumped up from the night.

We walked into the bar next to the hotel and I was introduced to a new drink, angry orchard cider with a shot of fireball. Oh wow, now that is one deliscous drink! Mm

A little lethal though however, especially when you decide you need a second one and start dancing on the bar with 3 other girls.

Yep, one top night and a great way to break the ice with fellow contikians.

PS- there were no photos of the bar dancing so don’t even try haha


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