Day 10 Wednesday 19th August- “My Mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gunna get”

Savannah, Georgia.

The saying, “Life is a like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gunna get” seems to become more and more true everyday.

On contiki, you have an assumption of what a town or city that you are visiting will be like. You have heard other people telling you all about it and what somewhere is like.

‘Oh, this place is so good for partying’ ‘such and such place is beautiful, you will love it’

Nothing compares to what people actually tell you until you get there.

That is so true for Savannah, the town featured in the movie, Forrest Gump; where Forrest is sitting on the bus bench telling the story of his life.

We began our included walking tour at about 9am, a few of us being a little seedy from the Tree House bar from the night before.

Our walking tour began at the bottom of the town and we made our way uptown through the squares that are laid out through the town.

Pictures and pictures of the Spanish moss, the trees, the squares, the greenery, the horse and carriages that rode around the town.

I was blown away by the serenity and the sense of calmness of the town.

The church shown in Forrest Gump where the White feather falls from the sky.

Chippewa Square

For lunch most of us decided to visit the famous Wilkes House for lunch.

Once upon a time, the Wilkes house was a boarding house and downstairs of the house was the dining room where immaculate food was served to the boarders family style around a large tables with food placed in the middle.

Soon after, people would visit just for the food, people who weren’t even boarding, but had heard of the food and paid Mrs Wilkes for a seat at the table for dinner.

Today, the whole downstairs of the house is open to the public for lunch with large tables for dining.

You could be sitting with friends or strangers but you would all be sharing an amazing meal of fried chicken, pulled pork, meat loaf, beans, mashed potato, vegetables, salad and so much more!

We waited inline for a seat at a table and had one of the best meals on tour so far.

It is even Barack Obama’s favourite place to eat!

After lunch it was back onto the contiki coach and next stop, St Augestine!

It was only a couple hours on the coach and we were there. I did some much needed laundry and had a huge feed of Chinese with a few of the girls for dinner before having an early night.

Yeah, early nights can happen on contiki!


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