Day 14 Sunday 23rd August – “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever” Walt Disney

Orlando, Florida.

This morning, we left the beautiful city of Miami, to make our way to Orlando, Florida!

We arrived into Orlando around midday.

Last night, there were a few ‘quiet drinks’ around the pool with another contiki group, so I slept most of the way to Florida.

When we arrived, a few went Wallmart hunting and the rest of us hung around by the pool and had a drink with Mumma Jugs (our bus driver) for here birthday 🙂

At dinner time, we headed over to IHOP for a birthday dinner.

I had the Nutella and banana crepes for dinner.

There is an old saying that I once read in a little French bakery at home.

Life is uncerstain, Eat dessert first.

I love this saying, because I love my dessert, so that is what I had for dinner. When in Rome right?

I’m having an early one tonight, because guess what- tomorrow is Universal Studios Orlando!!

Harry Potter World! OMG 😀 excited!!


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