Day 17 Wednesday 26th August- “If you love New Orleans, she’ll love you back” Drew Brees

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Before we headed for New Orleans, we left Louisiana and headed to Battleship Memorial Park in Alabama.

It is a memorial not only for American soldiers, but all that have faught for their country.

From there, we left Alabama and continued our long bus journey.

We reached New Orleans mid afternoon and began a city tour with a local guide around the city on the bus.

New Orleans by far has to be the most, shall I say interesting place so far.

It has such an intriguing history about it.

The cemeteries have family tombs with the bodies above ground because they are not able to dig underground due to too much water.

Bourbon St, is in fact not named after the drink, but after one of the founders of the city.

The French Quarter as well as a majority of the city is very architecturally French and Spanish inspired.

After the city tour, we checked into our hotel, The Hotel Modern to have a couple of pre drinks and get dressed up for our ‘white trash bash’ evening!

From there we headed to Madri Gras World where sewers shown around the Musuem and hall and learn a bit more about the history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

So we may have also had included in our tour, a local beverage called the hurricane, and in turn, took a few silly photos around the place 🙂

I’d highly recommend Mardi Gras World for anyone who is not sure, I say do it! So much fun 🙂

From there we had dinner at a local Gumbo shop where I tried my first Gumbo ever!

Hmm the gumbo tasted interesting to say the least. Probably wouldn’t rush back to have it again.

And I also had another cheeky hurricane.

By this point, we headed up Bourbon St in full tune ready for a big night.

Well big is an understatement. We went from bar to bar that night, having one of the most enjoyable and fun nights with the group.

The evening continued on with bar hopping shenanigans until we were completely worn out and I’ve ended up rooming with 2 of the other girls having a lovely girly catch up.



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