Day 18 Thursday 27th August- “Seeya later Alligator, in a while crocodile”


New Orleans

Not only was today the day for the swamp alligator tour in New Orleans, but it was also the last day for a few people in the group who were only going half way of the tour.

It was sad to have to say goodbye to people who had began to become part of your family. Being on contiki, everyone becomes very close very quickly, but none the less, the goodbyes must eventually be done.

But its never goodbye, its just seeya later 🙂

The start of the day began with the swamp tour. Hint- perfect hangover tour by the way, being out on the water and in the sun checking out some pretty cool alligators 🙂

I would recommend these guys any time! The tour guide for the air boat I was on was very entertaining. He knew what he was doing and we always felt safe around the alligators and in the air boat.

That afternoon after we got back into town from the Swamp Tour, I had a chilled one where I went through my bags and sent some stuff to Canada at the post office, have a couple of quiet pres with the group and headed out for out last night with 12 from the group who were leaving us here in New Orleans, and welcome the people who are to join us for the rest of the tour 🙂

We went to a local restaurant which is part of the optional “Taste of New Orleans”

We were treated with a 3 course meal and cheap drinks and the food was amazing!

After dinner, it was a quiet one up Bourbon St for some including myself.

I had one drink at a slushie bar and then headed back to the hotel with a few of the girls for an early night!

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