Day 21 Sunday 30th August- “The task that remains is the entrance our independence, to see ourselves reflected in every other human being, and to respect and honor differences”- Melba Patillo Beals 

This morning we left Memphis for our next destination, Dallas, Texas!

Yee haw!!

After only a short trip on the bus, we stopped into a little town called Little Rock.

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, integration was slowly making its way through the south, regardless of the rebellion against integration.

In Little Rock, 9 students decided to integrate to Central High School, regardless of the controversial southern views at the time.

The 9 children endured bullying, beating, criticism, shouting t and much more, just for the opportunity and right to attend an ‘integrated’ high school.

This was a chain reaction which continued in the south, as integration began to become more accepted.

It was certainly an emational but extremely educational visit, one I am glad we made. I would highly recommend to anyone who is travelling in the area to stop on.

I even bought a book; ‘Warriors don’t cry’ by Melba Patillo Beals.

A short while later, we had a lunch and stock up stop at our all favorite el cheapo- Walmart!

We stocked up on goodies and supplies as well as an outfit for the upcoming cowgirl/ cowboy party!

We had another stop along the way to Dallas, this time at Texarkana; the border between Texas and Arkansas. I can now say I’ve been in two places at once 😉

Finally, after another short trip on the coach, around mid afternoon, we arrived into Dallas, yay!!

For dinner tonight we had an included dinner at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen which was just a quick walk around the corner from the hotel.

From there we took a limo ride organized by our awesome contiki tour manager to a bar; Kun Fu Saloon.

The night at Kung Fu Saloon was so much fun.

The bar had arcade racing games, photos booths and giant jengas!

We had a late and extremely enjoyable night being big kids at Kung Fu Saloon before finally heading back home in the hummer limo which had been waiting for us 🙂

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