Day 22 Monday 31st August- “Things do not happen, things are made to happen” JFK

This morning started off with a nice big hangover feed downstairs in the breakfast room.

Last night when I got back to the hotel, I was so desperate for laundry to be done, I did it at 2am because nobody else was at that time. So I took my nail file, nail polish and gave myself a mani pedi while my clothes were washing.

Anyone who has travelled will appreciate the precious time you have to be able to do washing.

Anyway, so after breakfast, a few of us headed up the road to a place called Wild Bills. Apparently pretty popular here in Dallas.

This place was amazing!! It had boots galore, real cowboy hats, shirts, jeans, souvenirs, anything cowboy, you name it they had it!

And I may have splurged and bought myself some really attractive 100% genuine leather boots. It’s the reason I had been saving my bum off for so long, to spend it while on contiki.

After the adventure at Wild Bill’s, we all as a contiki group walked up to the JFK museum at The Texas School Book Depository Building.

We walked up the street, where back in 1963 JFK was assassinated.


In the museum, the story of JFK’s life was presented in pictures, stories and quotes before going on to tell the story of the assassination

Once the museum had been explored, we all hopped on the bus to head out to the town of the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards!

What a cute little place!

I absolutely loved it 🙂

We spent all afternoon exploring the town, watching the 4pm cattle drive and having some dinner then heading over to Billy Bobs Honky Tonk, the biggest Honky Tonk bar in the world!


It was only a Monday night so it wasn’t too busy in there. But it was massive!! I can only imagine what it would be like on a Friday or Saturday night!

It was so much fun 🙂

It had its own souvenir shop, an indoor bull ring (for real Bulls) a claw machine with over sized cowboy hats and a room with rows and row of pool tables.

Not to mention the countless bars, dance floors and dining areas.

Next door is a hall attached for county music concerts 🙂

This is one place I will defiantly be going back to!

So unfortunately, our night at the honky tonk had to end and we got in the bus back to Dallas to a beautiful scene with buildings light up infringe of us.

Myself and a friend stopped at the Round Up Saloon where a few others also stopped off to continue the night while there at caught the bus back to the hotel.

The Round Up Saloon was ok. Like it is a Monday night. There wa karaoke in the front room which no one was participating in. In the back room, was a dance floor with a costume on the dummy challenge.

The entertainment of the night however was $1 jelly shots.

We all had a couple and decided to head to the bar from last night, the Kung Fu Saloon!

Again we played video games and more rounds of jenga, only had a couple of drinks and decided to call it a night 🙂


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