December 2nd 2015 – My very first Christmas Gingerbread House!

Today I built my very first Gingerbread House!

It’s quite something else being in a different country around this incredible time of year.

One of the girls from work picked up a gingerbread house kit and I went around to her place to build it.

We put on some 90’s music and Dawn reminisced of her childhood growing up building gingerbread houses every year at Christmas time while I cautiously began putting the walls together with white frosting.


Ok so it doesn’t look polished or tidy by any means but it was incredibly fun!

I placed the roof on and put the Christmas Tree at the front of the house and the Santa Clause at the back.

I know it was something that was never a part of my own childhood, but there was something extremely giddy about building a Gingerbread House and sticking candies all around for decoration!

Thank you for helping me build my very first Gingerbread House Dawn!

Another thing to now tick off on the Canadian Christmas bucket list 🙂


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