Tuesday December 8th – True White Christmas 

I had a beautiful childhood than consisted of flip flops (or thongs as we call them in Australia) and sprinklers under the trampoline and gravel skinned legs from falling off my push bike too many times.

And ok admittedly there are some childhood memories that aren’t as pleasant like being bedridden on a hot summer Christmas Day but it was turned around thanks to the clown doctors and bush Santa visiting me in hospital.

Good and bad times, it was my Australian childhood. And looking back throw it all in my mind, not is there one memory that includes snow or anything of the kind.

It was just never part of my life growing up, I never had the chance to visit ‘the snow’ with the other kids at school because I was always too young, and after my cancer, there was no chance in hell I’d ever to learn to ski so there was never any point visiting the snow in winter in Australia.

Today I had the day off work, which don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my job, but I treasure my days off when I can go outside and explore the beautiful part of the world that I live in.

There is something magical about Lake Louise. I step outside my front door and the snow in front of me sparkles.

I wall right up to the lake and see an ice rink and between the lake and the hotel, is a small little ice bar complete with amazing ice sculptures.

There’s something inside me that makes me feel, well kind of giddy 🙂

It’s a child like excitement about how incredibly stunning the view is right in front of me.

It reminds me of a childhood I never had. But even more than that, it’s a real appreciation for how happy I am to be here and how truly blessed I am.

A small handful of people in the world have step foot where I am standing. Standing in awe.

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