Wednesday December 16th – Pet Sitting!

I love the fact that Fairmont Hotels are dog friendly!

All day everyday at work we see people walking past with their fluffy puppies and I get so jealous, I miss my dog Mia.

What comes with being a dog friendly hotel also comes with pet sitting for guests.

I signed up as soon as I could when I found out about the pet sitting, but every time I received an email about a notification for pet sitting being available, it would be at a time when I was already working.

Until now!

Last night I had the lucky opportunity to sit a gentle and lovely husky named Willow.

She was adorable and friendly. I took her out for a walk outside and through the snow which she loved!

Then I managed a quick little selfie with her before having to take her back to her owners.

Today, by some miraculous chance, I was able to sign up and second time for dog sitting.

This time I had 2 little fluffy puppies by the name of Mei Mei and Kimi. They were funny little dogs that walked around the hotel in their doggy shoes and doggy jackets.

They were fun to walk around with in the hotel until, again, I had to return them to their owners.

It was a fun 2 nights that I had and hopefully I get more chances to do more pet sitting soon. It helps aid my home sickness a little from being away from my own fur baby.

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