Friday 25th December – “Maybe Christmas Doesn’t Come In A Store, Maybe Christmas Perhaps Means A Little Bit More” Dr Seuss

So today was my very first White Christmas.

The morning started by opening a few gifts from home and having bacon and eggs for breakfast with my room mate Kaitlin.

After breakfast I opened some gifts from home.

I got some socks and some coffee from home and some adult colouring books, it’s a big thing at the moment.

Once everything was opened and the morning was sorted, myself, Kaitlin and Amanda went down to the ice ribs on the lake and the girls skated and I attempted but was not impressed and put my boots back on and walked on the lake to get some typical pics of the ice castle 🙂

Me ‘skating’ on the lake haha 😉

The morning had been beautiful! It really was something else. Although I wasn’t with my family, it reminded me of being at home with my family. It was fun and relaxed and full of laughs.

For lunch, myself and Amanda went over to Banff to have lunch and do some quick shopping.

Our first stop was at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel to check out the huge gingerbread house in the lobby.

The gingerbread house was amazing! The whole lobby smelled of ginger and sweets and the detail was imaculate!

For lunch we headed to the Nourish Bistro. I ordered the Portobello French Dip.

Oh my gosh! The food there is incredible! I have been to a lot of places and tried a lot of food, and the food here is definitely top quality. The flavours in the sandwich and the dip were out of this world. Even then coleslaw salad is something to highly recommend.

Amanda had an amazing meal and left completely food satisfied!

My Christmas Day free Banff ended in watching a Christmas movie at home then having Christmas dinner at the staff pub and exchanging secret Santa gifts with the spa.

Yum! Christmas Dinner 🙂

Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more..


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