Monday January 11th 2016 – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Annual Winter Gala

Last night the Chateau held its annual and my first ever Winter Gala!

The gala is a celebration of the year and also the hotels Christmas Party and a recognition night for certain staff awards.

It’s a pretty fancy evening and I had the day off work to have a glass of wine with the girls whilst spending the afternoon getting ready and doing ourselves up to the nines!

I had my pink bridesmaids dress and matching silver shoes sent over at Christmas time for the big night.

My loungeroom was a make shift pop up hair and makeup studio, a perfect setting for some girly fun!

Once I had mastered my hair into an excessively large but formal bun and added on some smokey eye and contouring with late supply of make up, I did Raelene’s eyes and she did Kana’s hair then we all put on our winter boots and jacket, heels in hand and ventured through the snow to the hotel!

We checked our coats and boots in at the coat check where employees from Banff were working so that the Lake Louise employees could enjoy their one night for gala.

We then climbed up the large staircase to the ballroom where we handed in our tickets in replacement for entry and 2 drink vouchers and finally into the magically decorated hall with tables all around.

All of us ladies stick together so that we were sure we could all sit together on one table.

Once we had our entree, the presentations and awards began!

After that we had our main course and followed the amazing prizes, being stays at different Fairmont hotels around the country!

As soon as all of the offical business had been dealt with, some of the tables in the middle of the hall were removed to uncover the dance floor.

We continued to have a couple of drinks with the drink vouchers we were given as well as the complimentary bottles of wine from the table with eventually lead everyone onto the dance floor 🙂

The formal party continued on until about 11pm, and yes I did somehow manage to last in my gorgeous silver shoes all night up until this point.

This is when everyone headed to the staff pub in their boots and either still their dresses or a quick change of outfit on the way home. I opted for the second option, my party dress had had enough partying for one night.

Thank you Fairmont CLL for putting on such a beautiful and amazing night for your staff! I love my job and where I work, it’s an honour to be part of such an incredible company 😘


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