Sunday January 17th 2016 – Yucatan Panorama

Yesterday my very first G Adventures Tour started with our group leaving at 11am from Cancun and heading to Chichen Itza and finally in Merida.

Our first stop of the day was at the little town of Valladolid where we visited a cenote, Cenote Zaci.

A cenote is a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes ground fresh water underneath.

There is said to be about 6000 cenotes around the Yucatan peninsula ranging in sizes and types.

After having lunch and getting some pictures at Cenote Zaci, we jumped back onto the bus to head to Chichen Itza!

We arrived to the historacal site of Chichen Itza mid afternoon and toured the area and learned about the ruins on the site.

I never realized there was so much incredible history in Yucatan, Mexico. There are so many abandoned ruins around the area and ancient cities that are linked to each other with uncovered stone roads.


We explored the ruins with the carvings telling stories of sporting events and important people and Mayan Kings and sacred cenotes.

The site was also covered with stalls selling souvenirs of shirts and fridge magnets and all kinds of beautiful coloured materials.

I would have bought one of everything if it would have fit in my bag!

After hours of exploring, we jumped back onto our bus and made it to Merida where we checked into our hotel, the Hotel Reforma, a 3 star 16th century style building with an outdoor courtyard with a tree right in the middle where the continental local breakfast is served.

We went out for dinner as a group together to a restaurant across the street called Amaro.

We walked through the beautiful steel gate entrance and the decor was exquisite and elegant.

The menu looked impressive and the live music playing in the corner was a nice touch to the vibe of the cute busy restaurant.

I ordered an appetizer of mushrooms with a cream cheese topping, which was incredible.

For the main, I ordered the Chaya Chicken Salad.

Chaya is a local delicacy, a leaf that grows in the area that is usually added to a salad, similar to spinach.

Unfortunately, when the meal came out. I had to say I was extremely disappointed. The salad was dry and basic. The carrot was shredded to same way I shred it at home to add it to tacos and the only thing I enjoyed about the meal was the chicken.

I wouldn’t pick it again but the restaurant ambience and service was outstanding.

The night ended with a couple more drinks and then back to the hotel to get ready for another jam packed filled day tomorrow!!

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