Monday January 18th 2016 – “What is to come, the future”

What a day!

I am continuesly being amazing by the beauty and history of the area here in Yucatan, Mexico.

First thing after our breakfast of local delicacies and fresh fruit, we hopped onto the bus with our guide for the day, a local university student studying Mayan archeology and history.

Our first stop of the day was to a local plantation, Old Hacienda Yaxcopoil.

The 17th century property was recently turned into a museum and the entry charges go towards restoring the run down estate.

I could have taken hundreds of photos at this place, I honesty couldn’t put my camera down. The building me and scenery were so picturesque and the history was extremely interesting.

The plantation used to be owned and run by a wealthy Mexican family and has been handed down since the 1800’s and is still owned by the same family to this day, but the operations of the family business are no longer in use.

Today, not only is it open as a museum, but is hired out and used for functions like parties and weddings becuase of its beautiful scenery.

After exploring the property, we headed to a cenote to have a swim! Yes another cenote 🙂

We paid our entry fee to the cenote, Cenote X Batun and changed into our swimmers for a dip.

The water was clear and blue and underneath the surface of the water, you could see all the way to the bottom.

Here you could even go snorkelling to the underwater cave which was just as clear as the top.

I didn’t snorkel but I was in a world of relaxation and absolute wanderlust. The beauty leaves you in awe and none of us wanted to leave.

The only reason we left was to get sim lunch and head to our final destination of the day before heading back to Merida for our last night.

We stopped in at a restaurant nearby that I can’t remember the name of and I ordered the chicken tacos.

We arrived at Uxmal quite late in the afternoon and our local guide walked us around the area, telling us of the great Mayans who held the area of Uxmal and how the buildings were all build with a purpose and meaning, that each side of the building was facing a particular direction with a particular meaning.

Uxmal- (Uchmal) ‘what is to come, the future’

The carvings on the buildings told stories of preists and astrologist or Royal families who ruled during their time.

We climbed to the top of the ‘Governor’s Palace’ where the best view of Uxmal can be seen.


‘The Pyramid of The Magician’ was my favourite building by far. The front of the building is a courtyard that is secluded from the outside city.

The area seemed somewhat private and secluded and the building was breath taking.

I had a photo taken in front of it and you can see just the magnitude of the size and the building is 40 metres high.

When we finally returned to Merida, it was late and my room mate and I had instant noodles for dinner and stocked up on snacks and supplies for the bus day tomorrow.



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