Sunday 24th January 2016 – Bacalar, Coba & Playa Del Carmen

Well there’s not a lot to say about Thursday and Friday, it was pretty quiet again on tour. I have been quickly running out of money and Thursday we spent the whole day on the bus again travelling to Bacalar.

That evening we made it to Bacalar and to our hotel, Casa Corazon (translated to Heart House)

The hotel was cute and right on the Bacalar Lake and right out our back doors was a walkway over the lake and out to private huts with hammocks over the water. We are in heaven!

(Image borrowed from some site on Google)

I did have some truely beautiful photos of the sunset on the water in Bacalar, but my phone was stolen so now I can’t post them… 😦 (and yes I do backdate my blog posts)

So let’s go back to pretending that I can actually keep my posts up to date.

Friday, myself and Monika decided to set ourselves up in the hammocks in the huts over the water and spent literally all day by the water either reading or swimming and listening to music.

It was the most relaxing day I’ve had in a long time!

Saturday, we had another bus day, but unlike the public transport bus that we took, this time we had private transport for a mini bus to ourselves.

On the way to Playa Del Carmen, we stopped at another Mayan ruins site, Coba.

When we arrived, half of our group jumped on the single bicycles, while Monika and myself got a ‘Mayan taxi’ and shared the seat while we toured the site.

Β Β 
Β Β 

A crossroad point for the Mayan roads.

What the Mayan Newspaper looks like!

Nohoch Mul Temple- meaning large hill.

The view from the top of Nohoch Mul! Yes we were allowed to climb it.

You won’t believe it but Nohoch Mul is 42 metres tall and we all climbed the whole 120 stone steps to the top, and then all the way back down.

After Coba, we headed to a spider monkey reserve!!

When we arrived, we were greeted by a Mayan Shaman who went through with us a Mayan Welcoming Ceremony.

It was incredible to watch, and although it was something that is not allowed to be filmed, I was allowed to have a photo with him afterwards πŸ™‚

Once we were welcomed into the jungle, we headed into the jungle with our local guide and managed to find a few cute little spider monkey families!!

Β Β 
Β Β 

It was so much fun!!

Later that afternoon, we reached our final destination of the tour, Playa Del Carmen.

When we arrived, it was time for a serious shower before going out for dinner.

Our G Adventures your guide took us to one place for dinner, but as we got there, there was a particular couple in our tour group that were just a little bit picky about their… Uh dining choices.

Really, grow up! Your in Mexico, enjoy a local delicacy or two :/

Anyway, so due to their wants and needs, we managed to find another place for dinner of which I am not even going to bother mentioned the name of becuase it was one of the worst experiences of service I have ever had at a restaurant unfortunately.

Half the staff were standing around with miserable looks on their faces, half of the orders came out wrong and all at different times and overall the experience was just not that great.

Anyway! So we head off to try and find a karaoke bar, but when we did, it was closed.

After a very interesting night, we eventually did find one but didn’t stick around for long.

We all got back to the hotel but once we got back there, Monika and I looked at each other and decided, well we’re not really going to let anything ruin our night! So we head out to a loca night club just down the road.

Well… What a silly idea that was, it made the night worse, because yes, this is when I had my phone stolen..


So I spent the next day a the shops buying souvenirs and a new phone and eating as much Mexican food as I can before having to go back home.

(Managed to save these ones from my Snapchat story on my new phone)2


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