Monday 22nd February 2016 – Walliser Stube’

Tonight, myself and Kaitlin my room mate went to dinner at the Walliser Stube’ at the hotel.

I promised myself when I got out here to Lake Louise, that at least I’ve a month, I would treat myself to a fine dining experience. I love good food and I love good wine, and with the amount of immaculate restaurants here in the area, not just at the chateau, but in the Rockies in general, I would be silly not to take up these opportunities while I’m here!

We ordered the ‘Chateau Experience’, an incredible 3 course meal which included a cheese fondue for a starter. We had the option of choosing between ‘traditional’ ‘black truffle’ and ‘roasted garlic and morel mushroom’ for the cheese fondue.

We started with the roasted garlic and morel mushroom cheese fondue with dipping snacks of bread, apple and assorted vegetables.

Yum!! Oh my gosh, garlic and mushroom are two of my favourite ingredients and the fondue certainly did not disappoint!


For the main course, we had AAA Alberta Beef Chateaubriand, done medium rare. It was served with seasonal vegetables and an incredible red wine jus. It was cooked to absolute perfection, the meat was tender and soft and went down like a treat.

The dessert was my favourite! We chose the toblerone chocolate fondue and it was served with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, apples, banana bread and marshmallows!

I love the atmosphere at the Walliser Stube’. You almost feel like you’re in a library. Along the walls are shelves and shelves with a ladder, but instead of books on the shelves, are wine racks with hundreds of bottles of fine deliscious wine.

The old but classy wooden setting and dimmed lighting are perfect for either a quiet romantic setting or for two friends to share fondue and catch up on girl gossip.

I would highly recommend the Chateau Experience to anyone who ever has the opportunity to visit the Walliser Stube!

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