Thursday 25th February 2016 – Fairmont Hockey Tournament! 


Today Kaitlin and I volunteered to be the time keepers at the 1st annual Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise 4×4 hockey tournament!

We started the day early with scrambled eggs and a coffee for breakfast before heading over to the HR department to help get all of the gear in the car and down to the Lake Louise Recreation Centre.

We set up banners on each end of the ice rink behind the nets and put bottles of water in each of the change rooms as well as learning how to control the score board.

The first game started at 9.30, with each game only being 20 minute later each, and there were 6 teams competing and only minimal people around at this point to spectate.

By the third or fourth game, just before lunch time, more people were flocking down to the rink to watch some epic afternoon hockey!

At lunch time, the pub manager offered to cook the burger patties and hot dogs on the barbecue and everyone around helped themselves to get a full belly before the semi finals after lunch.

Game after game, and luckily without any injuries, we were down to the two final games!

The first final game was between the Maintenance Team and Stables Pub Team.

It was an amusing show with a new Aussie still learning how to skate in general, and people running into each other. In the end, Stables Pub Team came out on top.

Then it was time for the serious grand final game!

It was Christmas Cheer vs The Boys in Black (these are actually the names I came up with, I didn’t actually know their team names)

I’ve actually never seen an actual ice hockey game until today, and I have to say, it’s pretty impressive!

A lot of these guys were actually really good, which made it a great game to watch as they were taking it quite seriously.

After two 15 minute halves, scores after minor injury after score again, The Boys in Black walked home with the trophy!

After a cold but very fun day down at the rink, I actually think I want to learn to ice skate! Whether they made it look easy, or really it can’t be that hard right? 😂


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