Tuesday, March 15th 2016 – 48 Hours in Calgary

Not nearly enough timeΒ to spend in the beautiful city of Calgary.

There is so much to see and do there and I did a very minimal amount of touristy things considering I had two whole days there.

On Saturday night, I finished work at the spa at about 8:30pm and Kaitlin had to the car packed and ready to go.

We head out of Lake Louise with coffee in hand ready to hit the open road.

We stopped in at Banff briefly to pick up some wine for our night in Calgary and pumped up the road tunes from there.

Not long after 11pm, we arrived into Calgary and drove past Calgary Olympic Park.

We then turned up to The Fairmont Palliser Hotel where we were upgraded to the Gold Floor for an extra fee the we decided to take up πŸ™‚

Once we arrived in to our room, we ordered room service then watched Cool Runnings before going to sleep.

The nest day, we headed to the Chinook Center where there was lots of shopping to be done! Well we went everywhere, Victoria’s Secret, Le Senza, Old Navy, Dynamite, Lush, The Body Shop, Hudson’s Bay and everything else in between πŸ™‚

After spending a whole day in the mall, we went to Walmart where we bought ourselves a new vacuum and a NutriBullet!

After all of our shopping, Kaitlin dropped me back to the hotel where I was staying an extra night and she had to go back to Lake Louise to work the next day.

I spent the evening up on the Gold Floor Lounge having snacks and a glass of wine while reading my latest book, ‘The Things We Keep’ by Australian author Sally Hepworth.

Monday morning I was up early and went back up the Gold Floor Lounge for a buffet breakfast and to relax watching the beautiful sunrise over Calgary and the mountains. I then went to my appointment at the Eye Laser Surgery place for my consultation appointment which I was excited but nervous for. In total, I was in there for no more than an hour and a half where they did eye tests of all sorts as well as asking me any questions that I had about the surgery and the costs of the actual procedure.

I walked away with a mountain over paperwork and decisions circling my head about whether or not I should go ahead with this.

When I returned to the Palliser, I checked out and kept my bags in storage while I went to get my nails done then I returned to meet some of the spa girls at another mall before finally heading back to Lake Louise. We stopped in at Banff on the way so that the we could pick up a few other groceries then home.

I think that next time I go to Calgary though, as much as shopping may need to be done, I need to get onto the touristy things like the Calgary Tower, Olympic Park, Calgary Zoo and in July, the Calgary Stampede!! Β Yeehaw πŸ™‚


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