Sunday, April 3rd – My Book

In November 2012, after discovering that the metal rod that was in my leg had broken, I remember sitting in the doctors office to the point of no return.

I knew in this moment, it was the last straw.


For years I had wanted to write a book, and now was the time to do it.

4 years later and over 100’s of hours of writing, editing, crying and laughing at memories of days gone by and a some 150 pages, I am almost ready to self publish.

I have spoken to numerous people about how I go about self publishing as well as people who are mentioned in the book and have their permission to use their names in the book.

I had originally given myself a deadline of May 31st to complete the book and have it sent off to the publishers. However, I am very close to the end, so maybe April 30th will be my new deadline.

I have also spoken to the owner of the book store in the hotel and he is also happy to have my book on the shelf. How exciting!

I shall keep you updated πŸ™‚

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