Sunday April 10th 2016 – Inspiration Posts

When I had my mobile beauty business going for a while back in Australia, I would frequently post on my Facebook business page fun and inspirational quotes and sayings whilst posting updates about specials or anything relevant to the beauty industry also. I loved doing it because not only would it uplift my day, but certainly others too. I found so many quotes that I loved that I would schedule a whole months worth for every few days to pop up on my page, so that when they did, I didn’t necessarily have to be on Facebook when the post appeared, there was noΒ thinking about it.

I miss those posts, so I have decided to revive them in my blog posts. I recognized that having consistency was also important. I had the page running for some 18 months and was often posting one thing or another, but something was always popping up. It is the same with my blog, I will try as often as I can to keep writing posts to keep people up to date about my life and adventures and learning experiences.

Today I will post my first ‘Inspirational Quote’ Post, and give my feedback on how I interpret the quote.


“Start believing that no matter what you have or haven’t done, that your best days are still out in front of you” – Joel Osteen

I love this quote because, it can apply to absolutely everyone! It is about having self belief and motivation. It is about giving yourself opportunities no matter where you are or what stage you are at in your life. BELIEVE that tomorrow can be better than today. YOU CAN MAKEΒ  tomorrow better than today.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a bad time in your life, you can BELIEVE that ‘the best days are still out in front of you’. Or if you are on top of the world enjoying life, ‘your best days are still out in front of you’ can be quite inspiring to ones self considering the belief that they sky is the limit, and as happy as you are and how great life might be, isn’t it exciting to think that there is so much more still to discover and experience.

I am the type of person who ecstatically happy with my life, I have travelled and travelled some more and had incredible life journeys to experience the utter most happiness in life. I have an amazing family and friends who have been there through good times and bad. It is true to say that I have experienced pain and suffering to now truly enjoy happiness and joy.

I am happy! But I am also excited about what tomorrow will bring.


What a truly exciting thought that is!


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