Monday April 11th 2016 – Mountain Restaurant Lake Louise

Last night myself and a few friends decided to try somewhere different for dinner.

Amanda was leaving today so it was a bit of a nice farewell dinner.

All four of us jumped in the car and headed down to the village, excited for good food and good company for the evening.

We arrived at the Mountain Restaurant down in the village and walked in to see maybe three or four tables seated, so it would appear that it wasn’t really a busy night for them.

The restaurant itself was quite cute. A small bar in the corner and very rustic wooden feel to it.

We stood by the sign ‘Please wait to be seated’ whilst browsing the menu, looking up every so often to see the server make eye contact with us, make an odd smile then keep walking. This repeated maybe three or four times before we started to discuss between ourselves whether we should go somewhere else, were they closing soon?

Finally, the girl came over to us to seat us, we had clearly interrupted her night by coming in because as soon as we were seating, another small group came in the door to which she mentioned to them they weren’t taking any more tables, they close at 8pm sharp.

Well, it was service plus from the get go. We took a group photo for a farewell shot for Amanda and we ordered our food and drinks.

The menu pricing is quite reasonable considering being in the mountains and Lake Louise. If you are looking for somewhere on the cheaper side with so so service, here is the place to go.

The food was actually really nice, we had looked at the menu online before arriving and it looked extremely appetizing.

For starters, we ordered the Beef Spring Rolls with Cheese Dip. They were delicious! And the in house made Korean bulgogi sauce was incredible. Just as I had taken the first bite though, the main meal was also straight out. A little annoying, considering I had a whole 30 seconds to eat my starter.

For my main meal, I ordered the Gorgonzola Fettuccine Pasta. It was extremely filling and also quite tasty. For $15.50, it was worth it.

We had talked about dessert, but there was none offered on the menu and we were the last table left, so we paid our bills and ended the night with an ice cream sandwich from the gas station across the road.

Over all, food was good and we all enjoyed each others company, so that was the main thing. I wouldn’t rate the restaurant though and more than likely won’t go back again.

On another note though-

Farewell Amanda and safe travels! Have an amazing time and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back xx


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