Monday April 18th 2016 – The stayover at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Good Morning everyone!

So last night, Sunday April 17th, Bonnie and myself had the pleasure of getting to stay in the hotel for one night. Yes at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, where we got.

Every staff member in the hotel was given a one time offer to stay in the hotel for $50 and to experience what our guests experience when they are staying in the hotel.

Our room was beautiful and grand and overlooked the incredible mountains and the bathroom was larger than my bedroom! The whole suite was amazing!

For dinner, we both dressed up and dined at the Fairview Dining Room.

Out table overlooked the lake and we had what I would describe only as the best seat in the house. Other than maybe three other tables, we were the only other people in the restaurant.

Bonnie and I decided to go with the 3 course set menu with the matching wine pairings! It looked yummo!

And to add to that, we got 50% off.

For starters, I had the Mushroom Salad with the Mitchell Riesling from the Clare Valley, SA Australia. It was without a doubt, the best salad that I have ever eaten, and the wine pairing was perfect and refreshing.

For the main meal, both Bonnie and I chose the 40 Hour Braised Beef Cheek. It came with a red wine of which I can’t remember the name of. I was hanging out for the D’Angelo Pinot Noir that was on the menu, but they had done left so I was served something else.

By the way, I know it’s pretty cool when I can quote the name of a fancy wine, but what’s even fancier, is when you go to the bathroom, come back and waiter is there waiting for you so they can replace the napkin on your lap.

Bonnie and I felt like princesses at Fairview Dining Room.

Finally for dessert, I went with the Lanvender Creme Brûlée with the white dessert wine Cave Spring Late Harvest Riesling, Canada.

It matched perfectly, the creaminess of the creme brûlée mixed with the sweetness of the wine with a hint of passion fruit ended our fine dining experience wonderfully 😘

Once we left the restaurant, we headed back up to the room to freshen up before going back to Lakeview Lounge for a cocktail or 2. Well that was with best intentions anyway. We slipped into a food coma and stayed in enjoying our superbly comfortable hotel beds 😊

The next morning, we decided to order In Room Dining for breakfast in bed while watching ‘How to be single’.

The best possible way to end a girls night/ day nibbling on a warm fresh croissant!

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