Sunday May 8th 2016 – “Every story has an end in life. Every ending is just a new beginning” – Uptown Girls

This morning I got up early and decided to go for a morning walk to the lake. I was all ready for the gym but thought for some reason, maybe I’ll just go check out the lake first, maybe walk to the end of the lake and back.

It felt good to be outdoors ,fresh air in my lungs and even through it was Sunday, I just knew it was the start of something good.

I get to the lake, and tears of happiness and joy began rolling down my face.

The lake had melted!

Overnight, the rest of the ice had just fallen and and the water was flowing freely!

I knew I had skipped the gym for some reason, and that reason was that it was definitely time that I did the walk to the back of the lake 🙂

The waterfall was still partly frozen, it looked pretty cool!

When I get back to the front of the lake, I had a little friend waiting for me, a little poser that stood happily on the rock while I took his picture 🙂

This is the start of something new, something exciting!

This is the start of summer!


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