Tuesday May 10th 2016 – Stables Pub and Temple Pizza

This ones for you Garret!

This is a blog post that is simply dedicated to the Stables Pub (staff pub) and Temple Pizza (the staff takeaway and supplies shop).

I remember reading about these places in my new colleagues paper work before arriving to Canada, and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect of any of it.

Stables and Temple are both located in the Colleague Services building that is also home to the Rockies Staff Gym, the housing office, the uniform counter and colleague services.

Every Monday night at Stables Pub is usually the big night of the week. New colleagues that have started will usually begin their week with a big Monday night (I know I unexpectedly did!) This is then followed by day 2 of orientation the next day.

I’ve began weaning myself off of Monday nights, even though I usually have Tuesday’s off work, it becomes a bit much every week, and there is so much more to do out here in the amazing Rockies than partying on a Monday night and feeling miserable on your day off the next day.

Once a month on a Wednesday night, there will be a game of bingo, I have won a Calgary Flames signed jersey from this! There is also a trivia night once a month, which gets very competitive!

The other big nights are usually Thursday night which consists of either a themed dress up night, karaoke or open mic night. They all come together fun, I remember a karaoke night a few months ago where staff members from all departments came together to sing the final song for the night, the infamous ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. About 20 staff members fit themselves on to the stage with the rest of the crowd joining in at top note!

Of course, lastly Saturday nights are big (for those who don’t work weekends).

There are a few pool tables, a wicked dance floor and a projector for movie nights.

We are coming into the summer season soon and just the other day the patio was setup, so I can see the summer being more of a ‘chill in the sun with a cold drink’ season.

The tables and chairs were yet to be brought out.

As far as Temple Pizza goes, the menu has just been revamped and even though I will miss the tacos from the old menu, a nice new addition is the ‘chip sangah’ an invention from the Australian staff and goes for 5 bucks tax included 😍.

I take my hat off to the staff at both Stable and Temple, they don’t get another recognition for their amazing work dealing with a huge influx of staff around the place.

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