Monday June 27th 2016 – Moraine Lake

Today myself, Natasha and Danielle decided to embrace the warm sunny day and head out to Moraine Lake.

I had just received some bad news from home, my Nan on my Dad’s side had passed away and she had been unwell for years. Slowly and gradually she had deteriorated and yesterday, I received a call from Mum telling me she had passed away during the night.

Travelling and having a family emergency at home can be quite difficult and challenging when it is near impossible to go back home. Yes there is travel insurance that covers travel for home and work is always understanding, but going home wasn’t an option, and after speaking with Mum and Dad and having them re-assure me that it was ok to not come home, and Nan wouldn’t want me to leave Canada, I felt a bit better about not being there.

I would see Mum and Dad in September anyway when they visit Canada, and I have a visit planned for Australia in November, so I was doing okay.

Luckily I have wonderful friends here in Canada, who helped me get through my grief and pain.

They kept me distracted and we went out to Moraine Lake to explore for the afternoon and get some beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful secret scenes here in the Rockies.

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.

R.I.P Nan, I will take you with me through all of my Canadian adventures ❀

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