Passionate – Why I Write

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Let’s talk about the word passionate today πŸ™‚

I want to write this blog for everyone who has ever thought about writting or blogging, but just never ‘got around to it’.

It’s an easy enough excuse or reason. I used to have the same reasoning. Until one day I just started writing. Writing and writing and writing. I began writing my book four years ago and I have now been blogging for about 18 months.

I don’t always have a lot to say, or anything in general, but when I do, it comes out like an erupted volcano in my mind! The words just flow one after the other which is why I always carry a pen and paper with me to jot down my notes and thoughts. I think I may also have a slight case of ADHD and anxiety which keeps the thoughts going constantly haha.

That aside, why do I write?

I write, because I am passionate about it.

Between other jobs that I have had previuosly and now my current job, I have still managed to find time to complete the book and try as much as possible to keep my blog up to date.

I do it because I am passionate about writing.

Some do it for a full time job, and I know why! There can be a lot to it. Noting your thoughts, putting things together, editing and proof reading, keeping up to date and current!

Or you can just do it, because it is something you are passionate about.

Do you want to give it a go?

For me, it all began with writing notes in my ‘notes’ section on my iPhone. Yeah, it was that easy.Β That is where my book began.

Then one day, I looked into different blogging websites and came across wordpress (ah my godsend). This website has an app that I have on my phone, so that if I want to write something on the spot and I am not at my computer or I am out, I just jump onto the app, makes some notes and safe the post as a draft and go back to it later.

Some days, some of my posts can take me up to a day to complete, some might only take half an hour.

But I do it. I do it because I am passionate about writing.

I don’t know why, but for the longest time that I can remember, I have always had something to say. An opinion or an idea that i just need to share. Instead of talking the ears off of my friends all the time, I just started writing.

If you think you want to give blogging a go too friends, I recommend it!

If your reading this post, you are already one step towards the rest.Β Sign up to wordpress and just make one simple little blog.

Explore the website, see where the links and buttons take you.

Blogging is a wonderful and artisitic outlet.

I can’t believe that as of April 2015, I have now written 141 post, I’ve had 1,977 views and 970 different visitors to my blog.

All I have been doing for the last 18 months is write an online diary. That’s all.

If your still not convinced, carry a pen and paper around with you. When you think that there is something that you want to write about, an idea or project, just jot down the notes at the time and go back to it when you have time.

Before you know it, you will have a whole book of notes and ideas.

I encourage you, if you are passionate about your thoughts and writing, just do it. It doens’t even need to be for the rest of the world to see right away, it might just be the most therapeutic thing you will ever do for yourself.


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