Monday October 10th 2016 – Canadian Thanksgiving 

So this year for the Canadian Thanksgiving, our Spa team decided to do a group dinner. Originally, I didn’t think I was able to join in, as a friend from Australia was visiting. Instead she came along for the dinner too!



We transformed the lounge room into a tight but cute dining room 🙂 ❤

On the dining table sat salads, potatoes, beans, ham and of course, the one and only roast turkey!


Photo and Cook Credit to Sara 🙂


What an amazing team I am blessed with to be able to work with.

After we had finished stuffing our faces and eating as much food as possible, we then went around the group and spoke of what we were thankful for.

It was a touching moment, some had tears, of course of happiness and appreciation. I’ve never felt such a blessing in one room like that moment. Most of all, we were all thankful to be able to be together for a meal and to have each others company ❤


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