Sunday December 4th 2016 – Superfoods :)

On the note of ‘Knowledge Is Power‘ I thought I would share a little secret of mine.

Since coming out to Canada, my eating habits have changed dramatically from the all filling amazing home cooking in Australia.

I have since though discovered, that I used to be an over indulger. I would eat EVERYTHING that were served to me on my dinner plate, and after all, that is how we are brought up. To not waste food and eat what is on your plate before you were priveledged with any dessert.

With being three of us children, plus Mum and Dad, Mum would cook enough food for an army and evetually I learnt this practice also. Cook more than I needed. Eat as much of it as possible, and use the leftovers the next day etc.

I was never an unheatlhy person as such, but I did enjoy my fast food every now and then and certainly ate more than I needed to because, well food was there for the taking and enjoying.

When I arrived to Lake Louise in September 2015, it all changed.

I had lived out of home before and buying my own groceries for myself was certainly never as issue. But there was just something different about the people here in Lake Louise.

Things like, ‘kale’ and ‘coconut oil’ were the norm for everyday foods and cooking.

Certain superfoods began making their way into my life, and I was learning about benefits that I had never paid much attention to before. Research and positive infuences were shaping the way I was changing my diet and lifesyle.

I used to make smoothies some mornings before work at home, that included incredients such as fresh fruits that I had frozen and coconut milk and of course my all time favourite, ‘chia seeds’.

I changed my Australian canola cooking oil to coconut oil. Cooking with canola oil can have long term effects on heart damage where as coconut oil digests much easier, putting less stress on the pancreas, increases the absorption of minerals into our bones for bone strength and does wonders for the immune system!

I changed my breakfasts from toast and coffee to my daily superfood smoothie.

This is just one of my little creations of my smoothies, and ideally I would have more greens such as spinach or kale for more vitamins, anti-oxidants and eye health 🙂 but I am currently out and need to do a mini run to the shops soon.

Anyway, what I have below is-

Coconut Milk-  Antiviral and antibacterial properties. For more information, click here 🙂

Chia Seeds aka SUPERFOOD – Digestion, heart health and metabolism. Wanna know more, click here 🙂

Yoghurt- I toss between greek yoghurt and Activia yoghurt (Convenience of buying at our local staff shop). We all know that the benefits of eating yoghurt daily is the natural bacterias that assist with digestion and immune system.

Frozen grapes- Protein, calcium and vitamin C. Freezing my grapes makes them last longer for my smoothies. For more information- click here!

Frozen strawberries and mangoes- Well other than the obvious benefits of these yummy tropical fruits, they taste amazing in my smoothies 🙂

Fresh ginger- Heart health (as you can tell by now, this is a pretty big one for me), immune sytem, metabolism and helps fight cancers (and by the way, there will probably be a whole nother blog post about foods that help fight cancers and my story behind this, but that is for another post!) 🙂  Intrigued about ginger? Click here

Thyme- I simply add it to balance the ginger. I discovered it one day when it came in my farm box in the summer. It was already in the box, so I experimented with it, and use it everyday now.


Thank you to my amazing friends out here that have had the positive influence on me and the healthy lifestyle 🙂

Please note: I am not a health care professional, nutritionist or anything of the sort, just a person who enjoys sharing healthy information. If you have any serious concerns or questions, please visit your own health care professional!


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